If you are planning to appear for board exams, beginning your study process as early as possible will be a fruitful decision. CBSE board releases the dates for the board examinations at the start of December every year. The likelihood seems to be that if you are enrolled in class XII, then you are already in your penultimate year of education and studying for your board exams the following year. Your school’s educators can aid you in studying for the tests, but starting early is ideal to gain a stronger foothold. 

An honest self-evaluation is the greatest method to get ready for the board examinations. In order to invest the necessary effort into strengthening your weak thoughts, you must be honest with yourself about your abilities and weaknesses. It is crucial to strike a balance to remain composed, patient, and driven throughout the preparation phase.

The practice for the board examinations takes up the entire year. There are primarily two approaches to excel in all the subjects.  

  • The first method is self-study,
  • the second is coaching from a leading institute. 

The much more useful method of exam preparation is studying through own strategy. The benefit of studying independently is that –

  • you are able to set your own study hours. 
  • It allows you to plan your study time without worrying about sticking to a fixed routine. 
  • Many theoretical questions are presented to the students in the CBSE Board exams, and simply by reading theory-based works, you can prepare yourself.

You’ll need to put in a lot of consistent effort throughout the year like –

  • Maintaining your goal-focused attitude while studying methodically is crucial. 
  • To answer all the trickiest questions, you must fully comprehend the ideas. 
  • Practice with numerous sample papers is also essential. 
  • Preparing for every topic that will be questioned is the greatest way to secure the highest marks in all the subjects,
  • The most effective approach to achieving all of the above-mentioned points is practicing the previous year’s exam papers as much as possible and logically predicting the questions. 

With the aid of this strategy, you will better get ready for the CBSE class 12 board exams and do your best to achieve the highest possible result.

The best study materials are the most crucial item to have in your possession. Multiple options are available, including books, online courses, and other written content. A fantastic alternative is taking an online course because it gives you access to the most recent knowledge on the most relevant topics of your syllabus.

  • You can select a course offered on numerous platforms, such as a website, mobile apps, or annual subscriptions, that can be used until the completion of exams.
  • It is more beneficial to read from books because you can mark the key ideas for further revision and analyze the basic questions that can be asked in the exams.
  • Additionally, margin notes are allowed. 
  • If you learn best through audio means, hearing the lectures will help you memorize the important concepts for a long time.

If you plan to prepare for 12th Science subjects, along with NEET/JEE competitive exams, then you can take assistance from ESMC Patna. It is one of the leading institutes in India that can help you secure the highest marks in both board exams & competitive exams.

  • With the guidance of educational experts, the students get proper attention and learn the core concepts in simpler ways.
  • The study material comprises all the important concepts that have been asked in the previous examinations. The modules are available in English & Hindi.
  • The teaching methodology helps the students to draw answers within a limited time and enhances the mental aptitude to fight competitive exams.
  • Engagement and interactions can be easily made both in live & classroom sessions. 
  • 27x7x365 doubt resolution sessions are available to remove all the queries faced by students during the preparation until the completion of their board examinations.

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