Seven best test series for NEET Exam Preparation

1. Entrance Prime

  • The test series offers a multi-dimensional approach regarding the complete syllabus of the NEET examination. 
  • The analysis of results helps ascertain the speed and accuracy of the answers submitted by the student.
  • Students who avail of the test series undoubtedly qualify for the All India Ranking amongst their peers. 
  • A student can better understand the weak areas that need improvement and can enhance their performance efficiently.
  • Students who are interested in enrolling in this paid mock test series can first opt for a free trial mock test, which will guide them in making their final choice.

Name of the test series offered, along with the price & other details

  • NEET Repeater Series: Rs. 6900 

(About 100 Tests are held for NEET UG, including State-level medical entrance exams. The pattern of questions also aids the preparation for private university entrance exams. The validity of the series is 12 months.

  • Warrior Series for Medicine: Rs. 3499 

(8 Tests covering NEET-UG, AIIMS, and JIPMER, private university entrance exams for six months Validity)

  • NEET UG 2019 Rank Booster: Rs. 5999 

(57 Tests covering NEET UG, other State-level medical exams, and private university entrance exams valid till 31st May 2019)

  • NEET UG 2019 Mega Series: Rs. 10499 

(152 Tests covering NEET UG, other State-level medical exams, and private university entrance exams for two years Validity)

2. ESMC Patna, NEET Test Series

The ESMC NEET test series is offered online and offline.

  • It is an ideal option for students who are doing self-preparation for the examination. 
  • The institute has developed the best-of-question series to build students’ mental aptitude and critical-thinking skills. 
  • A student can quickly assess his performance and work on his conceptual knowledge.
  • Also, it offers test series for + 2 Boards to help a NEET aspirant prepare for both boards and competitive exams simultaneously. 

The price of the test series offered

3. Allen Career Institute, NEET Mock test series 

  • The Allen Career Institute offers an online NEET test series, and NEET top scorers from prior years have also taken this test. 
  • Students need to be aware that the platform offers real-time evaluation and assessment and that the topics are calibrated to the exact specifications of the actual NEET exam. 
  • This makes it possible for students to compare their progress to that of their Indian peers. 
  • Students can track their progress with high-quality test series, motivating them to study harder.
  •  Price of the Allen’s NEET Test Series: Rs. 2800

4. Career Orbits

  • Test Series by Career Orbits will be the best choice for students if they’re looking for exam series that is completely solved and offered online. 
  • The NEET syllabus and the subject-by-subject division are both taken into consideration while creating the mock tests. 
  • The platform also provides NEET courses, question banks, subject-specific courses, and other things in addition to this paid test series
  • This indicates that by taking up these question series, students would receive a comprehensive guide for NEET preparation.
  • Price of the NEET Test Series & NEET Mock Tests: Rs. 10,000

5. All India Akash Test Series (AIATS)

  • NEET (medical) and engineering exam preparation have long been associated with Aakash.
  • Top NEET learners usually participate in the All India Aakash Test Series
  • Both offline and online versions of the NEET test series are accessible. 
  • The AIATS is open to students currently enrolled in Class XII or who have completed Class XII. 
  • Class XI Curriculum Test (4 Tests)
  • Class XII Curriculum Test (3 Tests),
  • NEET curriculum test (6 Tests)
  • Complete AIIMS format (2 Tests)
  • The price of the Aakash NEET Test Series is Rs. 7500. 

6.TCY Online

  • The TCY Online complete NEET exam series includes 300+ test papers for State Level Exams and 250+ Topic-wise NEET mock tests. 
  • Before being incorporated into the NEET test series, the questions are examined for consistency with the actual NEET exam format. 
  • After enrolling, students receive a thorough analysis that includes an overall, question-by-question, topic-by-topic, difficulty-by-difficulty, peer-by-peer, stream-by-stream, city-by-city, state-by-state, and country-by-nation analysis.
  • Based on how well students perform on their NEET mock test, they receive tailored comments and suggestions for improving their scores.
  • The NEET Mock Tests are priced at Rs. 499.

7. Unacademy Test Series for NEET UG

  • It offers numerous exam series annually to aid students in their online NEET preparation. 
  • The top experts carefully crafted each of the test series, both free and paid, bearing in mind the NEET exam format. 
  • The accuracy of each test series they offer depends on what the student is looking up to. One can look for the most significant test series created by their favorite teacher using the search bar or visit the achiever’s batch, where well-liked teachers will assist in online NEET preparation.
  • NEET UG Lite subscription for six months costs around Rs. 5556/-
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