Projectile Motion

Let us Begin by Understanding the basics of the Law of independence: 

– Law of independence

  • Motion in perpendicular directions is mutually independent.
  • Motion in a plane is resolved into two parts.

Now that we have established a basic understanding of the law of independence: 

Important Definitions:

  • A motion is curvilinear when initial velocity and acceleration are non-collinear.
  • Acceleration has two components also: 
  •  Tangential acceleration: Responsible for changes in speed
  • Normal/Radial/Centripetal Acceleration: 

Responsible for changing the direction of velocity.

– Projectile Motion(Types)

  • Object projected non-vertically are projectiles.
  • It follows a Parabolic Path.
  • It is motion under gravity (uniformly accelerated motion)


  • Horizontal Projection
  • Oblique Projection
  • General Projection

– Horizontal Projection

Combination of 

  • Uniform Horizontal Motion
  • Free Fall under Gravity

  • Oblique Projection

Combination of  Uniform Horizontal Motion Vertical Projectile

Important Points

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