ESMC – one of the leading institutes in Patna for NEET/JEE preparation

An ideal preparation for competitive exams like NEET/JEE requires proper guidance from a reputed coaching institute, that can make your hard work accelerate the ladder of success. The studies must be inclusive of preparing notes, solving assignments, doubt solving by experts, and suitable infrastructure to smoothen the long hours of sitting done by students. 

The best coaching for NEET in Patna, which offers all the above-mentioned facilities is ESMC education institute. Excelling in the competitive educational market for more than seven years, the institute has produced the best results and made its students rank in the top institutes in India.

ESMC provides coaching mainly for NEET/JEE examinations along with tuitions of 11&12 classes. A highly skilled educator, Er. S. Mishra, also known as the best physics teacher in Patna focuses to deal with concepts in a detailed manner. Teachers & mentors ensure that no answers or queries of an aspirant remain unanswered.

  • Online/Offline Regular Courses – For the students of classes 11th & 12th we offer regular courses with structured study material. The aim is to make the concepts thoroughly studied by the students. The knowledge gained in a detailed manner will help the aspirants to secure the best ranks in NEET/JEE exams.
  • Crash Courses 
  1. For NEET – After finishing the board exams, the students who wish to join neet coaching in Patna can opt for short-term courses. The duration of this short-term course is 45 days. The course is also available for online coaching for jee exams.

Advantages of the Course

Each significant subject in the syllabus is thoroughly reviewed on a regular basis. Daily practice tests with corresponding answer keys are given to students to help them develop their analytical abilities. Students can draw the pertinent questions with the highest level of accuracy since concepts are presented in a special way. Up until the exams, access to key classes is provided via online connections.

Price: 5000/-

ESMC,  the best coaching for NEET in Patna, provides affordable courses with the aim that the preparation of any NEET/JEE applicant should not be hampered, taking into consideration the financial stability of all the social groups. For the 11th and 12th grades, admission to the pocket course is free.

Pocket Courses for JEE (Fee: Rs.250/-)

Pocket Courses for NEET (Fee: Rs.250/-)

Pocket Courses for +2 Board (Free)

  1. For CBSE Plus Two Boards – The student can successfully achieve excellent marks in the board examination by enrolling in ESMC’s 45-day crash course. Highly skilled educators use the most conceptual methods of teaching, and daily practice test series are used to enable mastery of the subjects by students. Also, they develop the ability to correctly examine questions through many revision classes. Through the online platform, students get access to crucial lessons that can be studied until the final examination

Price: 7500

  • Test Series and Practice Questions – ESMC offers both online & offline test series. Students who study independently for the NEET/JEE exam can purchase these practice papers to evaluate their progress and preparation for the final exam. The faculty of ESMC creates the best of questions from past year papers, and books for jee mains that help students to develop mental aptitude and critical thinking skills. The conceptual knowledge can be quickly assessed and the performance for exams can be improved on a great scale


( Test Series Live):

            Live Test Series for NEET (Fee: Rs.15,000/-)

            Live Test Series for JEE (Fee: Rs.15,000/-)

            Live Test Series for +2 Board (Fee: Rs.5,000/-)

( Test Series: Practice):

            Practice Test for NEET (Fee: Rs.5,00/-)

            Practice Test for JEE (Fee: Rs.5,00/-)

            Practice Test for +2 Board (Fee: Rs.5,00/-)

Complete all your JEE main syllabus, NEET exam syllabus, and CBSE 10 plus two academic education with the finest institute of Patna, ESMC. The institute has the best physics teacher in Patna to help students outshine in board examinations. For more information visit the website.

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